DESTINATION FIRST Choosing the places you want to go is a first priority for many. Those best known, iconic places are just that, for good reason, and worth many a repeat visit.
THEMES & INTERESTS Some travellers are drawn by a more specific interest, or a desire to experience a locality, the culture and traditions at greater depth.
TOURS & ITINERARIES Ready-made itineraries have been developed to cater for groups or one or two, either guided or completely self-driven with all information at the ready.
FULLY FACILITATED Many travellers prefer the ease of a fully booked/fully facilitated service. DI has the best professionals in all regions ready to travel and assist at all times

Discovering Italy's love affair with Umbria

With more than 20 years living and working in Umbria, with the amazing city of Orvieto as a home base, Discovering Italy is passionate about everything that this very special region has to offer. It remains largely unspoilt by the mass tourism taking over much of the peninsula and, together with towns along its long wavering borders, still offers up hidden gems, a particular tradition in foods and wine, festivals, time-honoured practices - and simply the loveliest of people. It is always a joy and a pleasure to introduce our travellers to some of these unexpected delights.

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In all of these special places, regional, big cities, small places, rural retreats, DI has equally special people to take care of you, to guide and facilitate all travel and activities. However, if you prefer to be fully (or partially) independent, DI will help make the best possible schedule of events and activities to complement your time and requirements as well as provide maps and information booklets to accompany your journeys. No matter how you choose to travel, DI will also provide suggestions on where to eat, when to make visits and things to avoid. It is all part of DI's plan "to make your journey the best it can be."
Discovering Italy has been operating specialised art and cultural tours to Italy for almost 20 years. It is DI's mission to provide travellers with an extensive variety of travel options from group travel to independent, fully guided itineraries and programs. DI prides itself on offering a very high level of professional service and consultation, creating custom itineraries and accommodation packages for all clients. DI has an extensive knowledge of the Italian Peninsula, its history and its culture, and is passionate about providing unique opportunities and experiences for all clients. DI takes time to show you the REAL Italy, through language and culture, the arts, history and traditions, to ensure you get to travel easy and bring home the best memories.

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DI is passionate about helping young people travel. The aim is to provide a safe and secure way for schools and families to offer young students amazing experiences that will last a lifetime. In understanding how busy schools are, DI provides itineraries that are either entirely pre-organised where all you need do is to organise the students, or are devised in consultation with our Australian based Education Consultant and may be customised to suit your specific needs. DI continues to work in partnership with a team of very well qualified and highly professional people based in Italy and Australia. Together, we offer many years of experience in the educational tour industry, keeping a focus on adding real value to young students' learning experiences.

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Every accommodation listing comes with DI's own seal of approval, according to exacting standards, with an absolute guarantee knowing the accommodation (and the owner) through personal inspection and/or experience. While DI specialises in bookings in and around the home-base of Orvieto in Umbria DI also works very closely with a few, carefully select hotels, apartments and monasteries in Rome, Florence, Venice and Sorrento. These too come with DI's personal rating from first-hand experience gleaned over many years, both in booking for clients and group programs as well as choosing to stay in these places on occasion. DI appreciates that getting the right location with the right ambience can make or break your journey - so do ask.

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