How we travel . . .

We all look for the same things when we are travelling: ease of transitions, the delight of discovering new things or of reacquainting yourself with older memories, a sense of achievement, of creating fabulous memories and experiences to carry you back to your daily lives. Whether you like to be an independent traveller, with some guidance on how to achieve those things, or want someone to ease you into making the rIght decisions about what and where to book, or whether you feel you deserve the luxury of being met by a friendly face and having all those tiresome details taken care of for you we, at DI, delight in providing the level of service that is right for you (scroll down for our service levels). You can choose from a fabulous array of content, be as independent as you like, take part in a group or in special hands-on classes or you can choose the security and luxury of having a bilingual facilitator with you every step of the way. The choices are many and varied and we are here to assist with it all, just ask us how . . .
  • Where to go & What to see

    The planning stage is a very exciting process. Choosing your travel dates first will determine the type of journey, whether in the midst of a hot July/August, in the more tranquil Spring & Autumn, or the quiet of Winter travel. The main focus & content of your journey is the next most important thing to decide, so browse, dream and then

    Ask Us How!
  • the Wonder that is "La Serenissima"

    Knowing the right time of year and how to avoid those traps makes all the difference to the over-worked magnificence - but it is magnificent still, if you know how. Venice is one of our most beloved places and there are still hidden gems off the beaten track just waiting to be discovered.

  • Storytelling through Art & Culture

    The riches of art, history and culture can be explored through the wonderful cycles of frescoes that abound through Central Italy. These colourful narratives can be found from all ages, from the Etruscans through to the Renaissance.They are a fabulous starting point to get below the surface of everyday to understand the people, the politics and the society

  • Rome - the Eternal City

    The story of Rome lies somewhere between myth and legend. The gems to be discovered are never-ending and the magic of the "eterna" always calls you back. Like many of these iconic cities, knowing how (and when) to navigate the streets to see it all is a skill that comes from experience and a little determination. But the reward is always there, captured in the unforgettable memories

  • Gourmet Travel at its Best

    Nothing brings back a moment like the memory of fabulous food and wine, taken in some unbelievably beautiful places - and also some very humble abodes. The extra magic is in meeting the people and local producers who strive to keep the rich traditions of the land alive and the sheer joy is in tastes and aromas that stay with you forever.

  • Special Interest Groups

    Group travel Group can be great fun when you are with friends and associates who are interested in the same adventures as you, whether it is in arts and culture, language learning, regional cuisines and cooking classes, walking in the footsteps of history OR some other special focus. You make the group, we plan the itinerary and arrange it all - according to your budget.

  • Those Special Places & Magical Moments

    Tales abound of special, hidden away gems but pinpointing locations and knowing how to get there can be a problem. With nearly 20 years of living, working and travelling in Italy we love discovering some new fabulous site or following a lead to some miraculous view, and we love sharing it all with you.

  • Florence: cradle of the Renaissance

    The city of Florence truly is everything you have heard and you will find yourself too, walking the streets in a never-ending sense of awe, being inspired at every step and corner, wondering at the choice of famous delights in Tuscan cuisine, - not to mention the shopping!

  • Villages & Valleys of the Umbrian Hills

    Umbria is one of those enticing regions, with its abundance of saints, spectacular medieval cities, ragged vineyard and olive groves planted in traditional haphazard rows, long-reaching traditions of peasant food - celebrating simple flavours and combinations, famous wines and, most importantly, the most warm-hearted, welcoming people.

Articles on Travel, Tourism, Art & Culture

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Tour Itinerary & Planning Services
  • Itinerary/Booking Ideas
  • Hourly Rate
  • The hourly rate for this level begins after the initial 3 hour consultation and goes on only for the time that you determine. At this level, you tell us where you want to go and we will give you our expert advice on scheduling and make relevant suggestions for all services that you then book yourself.
  • Follows on from the 3-Hour Consultation Module
  • Provides Recommendations & Links for Accommodation, Services, Classes, Guides, Transport etc
  • Assists with the Booking Processes
  • Final Assessment & Commentary
  • Make an inquiry for this plan
  • Full Tour Planning
  • All Included
  • This is the gold star level and means that you bring us your initial ideas, or just open a discussion, we do all the planning in close consultation with you, provide detailed schedules, itineraries and all the information you need, along with your ticketing and vouchers, before departure. The cost is set by your budget, determined by the inclusions that you have discussed with us and approved.
  • Initial Consultation
  • Setting a Timeframe & Budget
  • Reserving Dates, Accommodation etc
  • Adding Options: Tours, Services, Guides, Classes, Transport etc
  • Finalising Itinerary, All Information, Documentation & Ticketting
  • Make an inquiry for this plan
  • 3 Hour Consultation
  • Fixed Rate
  • This timed service allows you, as an independent traveller, to begin the planning and booking process. You then bring it to us for our expert opinion. What we then do is ensure that you get the absolute best out of your travels with hassle-free transits, while making your locations and planning work for you.
  • Initial Consultation
  • Assessing Your Plans
  • Providing Written Comments
  • Suggesting Optional Activites & Services
  • Final Assessment & Commentary
  • Make an inquiry for this plan