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Discoveringitaly-education team 

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  • Professional


    Discovering Italy works directly with your school to develop a tour that offers a range of experiences and adds value across your entire curriculum. We take time to develop programs that explore the big and the little places, with an emphasis on cultural exchange and staff development. Our professional educational team will work with you and your school council to ensure all your needs are met.
  • Innovative


    Discovering Italy excels in developing international education experiences that engage students as they become increasingly aware of their place in the world as a global citizen. We provide opportunities for language experiences that involve local students of the same age. We encourage students to experience or learn about local food, local people with the benefit of our expert knowledge.
  • Quality


    Take advantage of our unique programs providing supported & engaging travel in Italy with our expert guides and facilitators offering high quality, enjoyable & relaxed experiences. We embrace the involvement of families or the opportunities for staff professional development ensuring your school receives the best quality & value for money that actively supports student learning and engagement
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passion for education

We are passionate about helping young people travel, providing a safe and secure way for schools and families to offer children amazing experiences that will last a lifetime. Programs typically include guided excursions in Rome, Florence, Venice, and many other locations, cooking, language, art, history, archaeology, shopping and relaxation.   We offer fully escorted group travel for schools, 24 hour support, and assistance with travel arrangements to and from Australia. Outstanding accommodation. Prepared or customised itineraries. Specialist programs tailored to your schools needs. Extension itineraries for families. We take our time to show you the REAL Italy, through language food and culture, the arts, history and traditions. 


  • Students and staff will enjoy a safe and secure environment with good facilities and full board if required. 
  • There are options for hotel or convent/monastery style 
  • All accommodation options are annually inspected for suitability personally by our staff, specifically with groups of students in mind.
  • All breakfasts are included, and evening meals are normally provided in house, or in good quality local resturants unless otherwise indicated in the program.
  • Our educational programs are able to have a ‘home-base’ accommodation option from which day trips or overnight excursions will operate, or to move between locations as required.
  • Most locations will have a meeting room facility, some locations also have chapel facilities if required.
  • Our facilitators may also stay at the venue if travelling with your group
  • Our programs are family friendly, should schools wish to included students families on any tours

Customised Tours

  • All inclusive
  • inquire now for 2016

Choose from hands-on classes to private tours & small group programs

Specialised Programs

  • Including all curriculum areas
  • Exclusive private facilitators

Let us create the tour you have always wanted, in comfort, at your own pace in a way that supports your students learning

High Quality, Great Value

  • focus on accommodation
  • great food

Local Food, Local people and expert knowledge

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