Language Immersion

  • Learning as you go
  • Making it real

Providing the best opportunity to use your language on a daily basis, in real situations. 

Survival Italian

  • Beginners
  • Adaptable

Over a few days for those who want to make a start amidst great local surroundings.

Specialised programs

  • Customised
  • Exclusive

Specialised language programs for groups or schools that address your specific needs.

language class plus! - sample program

This program includes 3 hours per class (one-on-one OR for couples OR small groups - all with the same language level) of grammar/theory, with a break for coffee in the middle. Each theory class is matched with a 3 hour OUT & ABOUT practical class, each with a different focus on using the language. What it means is that each day there is a REAL build up of language skills and the opportunity to put it all into practise (with expert help) in every day activities.

SAMPLE WEEKLY SCHEDULE OVER A 1 OR 2 WEEK PERIOD (excursions vary for the 2nd week):
DAY 1: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
DAY 2: 3 hours practice (out and about) with your Italian host
EXCURSION: General introduction to the city of Orvieto with a light lunch of local produce and wines in a local cantina
DAY 3: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
DAY 4: 3 hours practice (out and about) with your Italian host
EXCURSION: Visit to an oil producers and oil museum with a light lunch and oil tasting
DAY 5: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
DAY 6: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
DAY 7: 3 hours practice (out and about) with your Italian host
EXCURSION: Visit to the volcanic Lake at Bolsena (and the beautiful, local museum), with lunch in a local fish restaurant
DAY 8: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
DAY 9: 3 hours practice (out and about) with your Italian host
EXCURSION: Visit to the fresh food market & shopping in Orvieto. Includes a light lunch at a local trattoria
DAY 10: 3 hours Italian grammar (at your accommodation)
TOTAL - 15 hours per week of Italian language classes and activities, 30 hours over 2 weeks


  • transfers from and return to the station in Orvieto with accommodation in a self-catering apartment
  • 30 hours of language class including materials and excursions/practical activities
  • a Carta Orvieto Unica which allows for entry into all sites & monuments within the city
  • all transport to venues “off the rock”
  • all lunches and tastings as per the listed activities above

This program is very well suited to an individual or a couple who are at the same level of language acquisition. The time may be expanded to 3-4 weeks with additional activities included such as cooking, painting or drawing classes.


We believe the ONLY way you can truly learn a language is if you also learn to embrace every part of its culture, food included. Our language programs are based on this as an absolute principle and are therefore formulated to make language learning a real joy.


Language in Context

  • On the move
  • Custom programs

  • Choose the way you want to learn

our teachers, methodology and hosts

We work with a specialist language school where all  teachers are university qualified Italian language teachers, managed by their Director of Studies. Our main objective is to offer language courses that are both stimulating and high quality in a relaxed atmosphere.
The methodology is based on the communicative approach that aims at a real interaction, however, grammar is not set aside, it is simply analysed as a means to get a student speaking before understanding the syntax of a language that may otherwise take a long and frustrating time to manage.
All the elements of grammar bind together in a dynamic and communicative context where the student is the active protagonist of the lesson.
Only authentic material is used regarding the language and also the culture related to the language.
In our language classes the student is at the centre of the lesson with the teacher as the director, constantly encouraging the student to participate actively and to be stimulated and enjoy the process.
In our practical OUT & ABOUT sessions, students are accompanied by a host/assistant who follows the structure of the grammar classes and encourages an interaction with every day people in everyday situations, thereby reinforcing the theory and, more importantly, MAKING THE LANGUAGE REAL.