victor greenaway

is a well-known and celebrated Australian artist and Fellow of the Australia Council for the Arts (, currently living and working in Italy. He is a master of ceramics for which he is widely known, and also of drawing and painting. As an accomplished artist who also teaches with a passion and dedication, he leads small groups and individuals through the process of seeing through line and form, helping in the creation of a personal “Grand Tour” diary of drawings and sketches from life, using a variety of media. Victor also conducts private classes in painting, both oil and acrylics (cityscapes, panoramas and portraits) as well as ceramics, with a special emphasis on design, throwing and turning, and glazing skills in porcelain & terracotta.

  • Painting - Acrylic & Oil

  • Drawing - Various Media

  • Ceramics - On the Wheel

  • Painting classes work in oils or acrylic depending on level of the student and the time set aside for classes. Acrylic is more practical for short sessions and beginners. Subject matter may include architecture, figurative, landscape or portraiture. Depending on individual levels, sessions may include all or some of the following:elementary design drawing, grading volume, light and shade introducing colour and textures figurative perspective, multiple vanishing points, composition, painting technique/construction, self-analysis, how to “sign off”, presentation and choice of media
  • These can be en-pleine-air or in the studio - depending on the subject matter & the weather. The following items may be included in terms of subject matter and content, with exercises following the particular focus of the day: observing shape and form – recalling and recordingseeing perspective – understanding the rules, placement of vanishing points, light and shade – understanding the use of chiaroscuro and sfumato, from eye to hand – understanding what you see, what you think you see and what ends up in your drawing, diminishing values to depth of field – capturing a true sense depth of field and employment of diminishing values.
  • These master classes are not really designed for beginners but will suit those who already have a good practice and need to hone their skills - and what better teacher and what better environment to feel inspired. They are private, one-on-one classes with a special emphasis on design, throwing and turning in both porcelain and terracotta. Glazing and decorating skills are only included for programs of more than 4 days. All course materials and studio facilities are included. With prior consultation the focus within the course may be adjusted to suit individual preferences. Classes can run at all times of year depending on availability.