• Apart from the usual pre-set group tours - see Art Journalling, ArtLines Painting and Ceramica Italia - we also organise and conduct fully-escorted, individual/customised programs in and around Rome, in the region of Umbria (with Orvieto as a base), in Florence and Venice, and further afield into northern Europe for specific programs. These are private programs, for individuals, couples or small, ready-made groups and are arranged according to individual preferences and in consultation with each client. They can vary from 3 days, over one week, to a month. Two new and exciting programs added for 2016 are: "Through my Eyes" and The Story of the Brushstroke." As part of these programs, it is also possible to include private classes with Victor Greenaway in painting (oil and acrylic) and drawing or ceramics (throwing and turning - and glazing given time) OR, with Marino Morettii in maiolica decorating. 



    - Master Collections from the early Renaissance to the Impressionists, led by Master Artist Victor Greenaway.Having spent the past 20 years travelling and living in Europe, Victor Greenaway leads a fascinating tour to discover the rich and lasting influences of the great Renaissance particularly through the paintings and sculptures of artists such as Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio and Bernini, then following the development of the schools of painting into the Impressionist period via Reubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet, Courbet and Van Goph. In his own study of the of the techniques of these great Masters, especially in portraiture, he has further developed his own skills and mastery. Armed with this personal insight from this internationally renowned artist, Discovering Italy is pleased to offer an amazing program run over several days, travelling to various museums and galleries, following the path of particular artists and art movements with a specific focus. This is not necessarily a history tour but rather an art appreciation tour with reference to techniques and social significances of the time. Depending on time and interests, it could include visits to places such as Rome, Florence and other Italian regions as well as Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam, over 6-8 days.



    Again, led by Master Artist Victor Greenaway, this is an exciting journey tracing the use of the brush, beginning with the Greco/Etruscan artists of the 7th century BC, through to the Impressionists. The skills and techniques are studied throughout the tour visiting museums and art galleries, as well as some archaeological sites, to discover the use of the brush in a variety of ways, across ceramics, frescoes and painting. The tour runs over 6 - 8 days and may either be focussed entirely in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice and within the regions of Umbria, Tuscany & Lazio). With extended time, the tour may also include visits to Munich, Brussels and Amsterdam.

  • There are several other more hands-on programs that may be considered as private programs combined with practical classes.

  • PRACTICAL PAINTING & DRAWING - with Victor Greenaway

    PRACTICAL PAINTING & DRAWING - with Victor Greenaway

    This is essentially a private workshop to study the elementary beginnings of making marks on various media such as paper, clay and canvas, always using the background of Central Italy as inspiration. Various local Italian artists will also be invited to present their skills as one-day workshops/demonstrations, along with Victor as the mentor and facilitator. Reference to age old techniques used throughout history and some study into the development of these ideas and skills included as well as practical sessions in the studio. Runs over 6-8 days. This can be pitched at any level of expertise and is perfect for beginners with little or no experience.

  • ACRYLIC EXPRESSIONISM - with Victor Greenaway

    ACRYLIC EXPRESSIONISM - with Victor Greenaway

    The course runs over 4-5 days where you will experience the exciting process of painting in acrylics. The immediacy and versatility of the medium lends itself to self-expression and instant gratification. Through guidance and experimentation a participant with very little experience can achieve lasting memories in transforming an idea into an artistic expression. Again, this can be pitched at all levels but is particularly useful for beginners who want to get into the medium, and what a perfect place to do it. It is based in Orvieto and the surrounding region of Umbria and may be combined with other day excursions within the region.

  • These programs are ideal for ready-made, small groups, individuals or couples and may be customised to suit particular needs. Individual preferences for these programs include choices on the level of accommodation as well as the level of accompanied services and are arranged in consultation with each client in accordance with a set budget.

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