• Carolyn Sheather, your experienced, private tutor throughout this journey - simply inspiring
  • Our Leading Artist

    Carolyn Sheather is an accomplished artist who teaches with a passion and dedication that is inspirational, leading each individual through the process of seeing through line and form, to create your own personal “Grand Tour” diary of drawings and sketches from life, using a variety of media.
  • In Brief

    This is a fully escorted program designed to allow each individual to discover this amazing peninsula at a slow pace, capturing the essence and colours of Venice (5 nights), feeling that wonderful warmth of the Umbrian region (5 nights - in the ancient centre of Orvieto) and delighting in the vibrancy and eclectic mix that is Rome (2 nights). It includes all art classes, great food & wine, private guided tours, transfers between cities and local transport throughout, with assistance on arrival in Venice and departure from Rome.
  • Art Classes with Carolyn

    There are 6 formal Art Classes led by Carolyn Sheather as well as out & about Journal Keeping sessions. The Art Classes include demonstrations, explanations and practice of forms and techniques to give you the means and confidence to keep on sketching and recording as you go. Carolyn will assist you at all art times and guide you in technique and in adding interest, variety and dimension to your art journals. You will be advised prior to departure on what materials to bring with you.
  • Judith Greenaway, Principal Director of Discovering Italy and your guide in Italy
  • Create your own Art Journal

    As well as drawing, painting and text, you will be able to add layers of mixed media to Illustrate, decorate, embellish and collage a lasting keepsake of your journey, adding an authenticity and interest to your journal by incorporating maps, Italian book pages, pockets, tags and more.
  • Your Private Guide

    Our specialist facilitator/historian/guide travels with the group, advising and assisting with everyday activities, as well as adding a richness of colourful stories and anecdotes to each day's journey, bringing alive the magical past of this ancient land and adding a depth of knowledge and experience to enhance your travels. Entries to all sites, venues and activities that are listed as part of the itinerary are included in the total program cost.
  • Specialist traditions are brought alive with hands-on classes
  • Art Journalling

    To keep an Art Journal requires no Art experience, we simply decorate, embellish and collage. Anyone can do this! In capturing your Italian "moments & memories" you will develop the tools necessary to design and record future travel - learning how to simplify the scenes and transform the colours and shapes onto your pages with washes, water-soluble pencils, aqua brush, pens and markers. However you complete your personal travel story, it will be an "artwork" in its own right.
  • Small group sizes mean the best of everything for every individual.
  • Orvieto


    The ever-beautiful panorama of "the rock" of Orvieto
  • Etruscan/Medieval Orvieto

    Exploring the streets of this historic hilltop village,we discover frescoes, ruins, stone archways,charming churches, alleyways and towers,piazzas and fabulous cafe’s that line the streets of cobblestone.The Duomo with it’s stripes of basalt and travertine makes a striking impact, colourful flowers cascade from windows and the views of the surrounding countryside are simply stunning - around every corner is a possible page or painting. As we observe and record, you will learn to "extract the essence," to "simplify the scene" before you and "transform the shapes and colours" into Artworks or Expressions in your journal.
  • These are lasting impressions and skills that remain, when you return home your memories will be alive through the heightened experience of images made by you from your personal perspective. Along the way you will be encouraged to develop your own individual, personal style.
  • As we travel and "work" (both inside and en pleine air) we will discover how much fun it is to record your Italian journey. Our time in Venice will inspire & enhance your understanding of its unique position in the Italian peninsula - including a private "mask-painting" class. Moving onto Umbria, a land rich with history and culture, we will enjoy the sights, sounds, colours AND tastes of all it has to offer. Then onto that wonderful "eterna" that is Rome, steeped in history, winding throughout the small streets and piazzas, providing wonderful inspiration for completing your Journals.
  • Rome


    There is simply no better way to end this journey than in this eternal and eternally bewitching city, with its many hidden secrets, amazing monuments and endless testaments to truly incredible creative endeavour.
  • Artisan Cultural Traditions

    In Orvieto we take full advantage of this beautiful city to explore some amazing hidden away treasures to inspire and encourage a fresh perspective, providing new and exciting prospects for resource gathering and invention for your Journal. As part of this journey of discovery we take a fabulous hands-on class with celebrated Master Maiolica Artist, Marino Moretti where you will learn the secrets of the masters and create your own treasures on ceramic forms to carry home with you.
  • Master Artist, Marino Moretti, inspiring individual creation while teaching the "magic" of traditional artisan maiolica decoration
  • Post Art Tour Options

    Private individuals may elect to continue their journey after the Art Tour has finished. If you are a first time traveller or just want to feel comfortable in travelling without any of the stress, you can ask for our fully escorted travel options OR, if you are an independent traveller, ask for our assistance in ensuring you make the most of your continuing journey. Discovering Italy has many great options with many, many years of experience all over this wonderful peninsula. Just ASK US how.
  • Our guided sessions are exclusively for our group and cover all aspects at all levels of interest.
  • Your tour accommodation

    All accommodation comes with Discovering Italy's personal guarantee of quality and location and are monastery/convent style venues in Venice & Orvieto and our favourite, fabulous centrally located 4* hotel in Rome. All rooms are as TWIN-SHARE (unless otherwise requested) with private bathrooms and breakfast daily. All offer beautiful, quiet retreats as well as inside work spaces.
  • Post tour options can be for individuals, friends or small groups - we can add all there is to love about Florence into the mix - including lots of shopping! But it might also be a series of cooking classes or other art-based studies or visits to specialist places, fresco cycles etc