Some of our clients and visitors put "pen to paper" and give us great feedback. On our part, we feel fortunate indeed in that so many of the clients and groups we have become firm friends and many of them "return clients." At DI we take great pride in providing the best possible experience for every individual and attract future clients mainly by word of mouth, so what people say about us is critical to our continuing success. The following is just a select few. Thank you all . . . 

2016 . . .

  • Stu & Pattie

    Stu & Pattie

    We are waiting for our taxi to the airport [Venice] having a coffee at your favourite haunt. We had a fabulous time and it was hard to say by to our room with the best view. We got to most of our targeted spots - St Marks . . . the tower . . . arsenals , walked through the gardens, went to the Guggenheim, the Palladian style Rentatore [sic] . . . had lunch at the restaurant near the boat place on Giedecca- the antipasto fish sampler was great . . . The other highlight was St Marks at night - it was like the battle of the bands and you could move from one to the other and dance away. We did do a gondola ride in a quiet neighbourhood at night . . . have decided that I am more of a speed fiend and love Victors boat - especially when the tanned, white shirted driver didn't like seeing anyone in front. It was absolutely fabulous
  • Janet Kovesi-Watt & Nikki Kovesi

    Janet Kovesi-Watt & Nikki Kovesi

    I am now safely back at home, with all my treasures intact. Thank you again for all the trouble you took to make our time with you so memorable. It was lovely to see you as well as all the places you took us to, and the flat was very convenient and comfortable . . . So we have splendid memories, and lots of photographs to sort through. Thank you again!
  • Gleeson Family

    Gleeson Family

    From 11 year-old Lacey: My Favourite Place in Italy was Orvieto!!I think that Orvieto was my favourite place because it has a STUNNING view of the mountains in the distance and all of the little houses, vineyards, olive plantations and farms. It's also a beautiful, calming place. You wouldn't think that it would be on a rock with caves everywhere though! You can do lots of walking around different buildings like churches, and the underground caves. Orvieto has lots of delicious FOOD too🍕🧀🍞🍦!! That's why Orvieto was my Favourite place.Thank you Judith for organising our big Italy trip and for walking us around in Rome and Orvieto. You gave us lots of interesting information along the way. Pointing out some of the good places to go to really helped us a lot. The hundreds and hundreds of year old buildings that we walked through together were amazing. Thanks again Lacey xoxo
  • Rowville Primary School

    Rowville Primary School

    Thanks so much for all the work that you, . . . did in getting our tour happening with the fabulous experiences you have included. Won't be long and they will arrive to start their adventure. I know they will have a fabulous time and Judith will impart much of her amazing art and historical knowledge to our group.
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2015 - 2014

  • Sondi Ann Sondi

    Sondi Ann Sondi

    How lucky I was to have all of Judith's knowledge pour into me, and Victor's perspective and enthusiasm was the icing on the Duomo! Thanking you, the dynamic duo!
  • Pattie BEERENS

    Pattie BEERENS

    Pattie, on her "potting progress" after Master Classes with Victor: I got onto the wheel on Monday and then again on Thursday and then I turned a few pots this evening. I spent most of my time on bowls and practiced the lift with the thumb. I feel I learnt so much with you and the videos were very useful to bring me back to our week in the studio . . . I feel I am still warming up and next week I will give some thought to some pieces I would like to master . . . suffice to say, I had a fabulous time with you and am very grateful for the opportunity . . . Please tell Judith that I enjoy her posts on facebook
  • Anne GRIGGS

    Anne GRIGGS

    I've had the pleasure of working with Judith, Victor and Kylie for organising 2 amazing school trips to Italy and for a great holiday for myself . . . delicious dinner with Judith and Victor. Another exciting and new experience! THANKYOU!!!
  • SKiPPS Bayswater West Schools 1

    SKiPPS Bayswater West Schools 1

    Rosetta: I hope you received my thanks yesterday. It was truly an an amazing experience. Wish I was still there!! . . . On behalf of the staff at Bayswater West and myself I wanted to sincerely thank you for a memorable journey that will remain with us forever. Thank you for your patience, wealth of knowledge that you shared, and organisation including those pesky, tricky moments that you handled so well. This has definitely been a positive experience for me personally and one that I will continue to learn from.
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2013 - 2011

  • Sue & Leo MOONEY

    Sue & Leo MOONEY

    Thank you and Victor for your hospitality it really was a highlight of the trip. Rome as great and the two attractions we booked (Boghese Gallery and Vatican Museums were simply amazing) I thought I had already seen it all, but no.
  • Daryl & Bev DAVEY

    Daryl & Bev DAVEY

    We have certainly been spoilt . . . It's going to be hard to leave Italy. Thanks once again for your wonderful hospitality while we were with you and we look forward to seeing you at home.


    Just wanted to thank you for my time with you in Orvieto. People like me are just so fortunate that people like you are doing what you're doing. Especially memorable were my painting classes with Victor. I loved staying in Orvieto and visiting Florence and Venice. I know I now have friends in Italy.
  • Kate BOWMAN - Alice Smith School

    Kate BOWMAN - Alice Smith School

    Discovering Italy made my job easy. The tour was well planned and communication both before and during was effective. They turned what could have been a hectic trip into an incredibly enjoyable experience. The facilitators were informative and knowledgeable and soon gauged the level at which to talk to the students. A thoroughly enjoyable trip for students at all levels of their education. Thank you
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2010 . . .

  • Petra WANG

    Petra WANG

    Thank you both, for attention to the details since the day I entered this magical/miracle city and those priceless gifts that you have given to me. Thank you. Although the holiday in Orvieto will be finished tomorrow but I hope our friendships will continue and I also hope this so called "3rd Age" hobby will develop to something everyone around me get to appreciated. ;-))), turn dream into reality.
  • Lynn CHEN

    Lynn CHEN

    This is such a extraordinary trip in my life, there are so many many meanings for me. You showed us The places, they are such empowered just brought my emotions to the edges that almost beyond's very very touched. Ovieta is such an amazing ancient town with stories and spirits. You show your full passion for Ovieta, I wish I could come back soon to see my dear friends. About painting which I have'nt touched since high school, also brought huge impack to me just in 4 sections and I finished with such confidence and joys, want to try more and more. I love my trip very much. thanks a lot for all your efforts
  • Bruce & Sally GORDON

    Bruce & Sally GORDON

    I still think of the lovely days we had around Orvieto ,Florence and Rome.It was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable trips I we have made and there are not too many days that I fail to reflect on some aspect or other of the visit . . . We had a fantastic time with you in Italy last year and Sally and I recount our adventure constantly.
  • Sue & Stephen O'NEIL

    Sue & Stephen O'NEIL

    Just to let you both know how much we enjoyed our time with both you and Victor while we had our visit to Orvieto and beyond! It really was such a memorable trip, and just having your assistance and insight in regard to places we visited was invaluable! It was good to share dinners and drinks and just learn more about all the places we saw or were going to see.
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